Our previous RSSB/EPSRC SafeCap project (Overcoming the railway capacity challenges without undermining rail network safety, 2011-13) developed the SafeCap tooling environment that supports formal verification of station/junction safety and various ways of simulating train movement to help signalling engineers evaluate railway capacity.

The RSSB SafeCap+ project aim is to further develop novel modelling techniques and tools that support and explore integrated and efficient dynamic capacity and energy of networks and nodes while ensuring whole systems safety.

To fulfil this aim, the following objectives are been addressed by the project team:
– To explore the potential, develop the tools and define the framework allowing independent control rules for multiple mixed traffic operation scenarios;
– To develop tools to compute real-time optimum strategies for traffic flow at nodes;
– To identify and understand the energy usage impact on performance of real-time optimum strategies for traffic flow at nodes;
– To define and develop a whole systems modelling approach for integrated optimum capacity, safety and energy strategies at multiple nodes scaling up to a regional network.